Heinz von Förster´s Sunshower 2.0

In collaboration with Marianne Ertl and Dirk Baecker Kathrin Stumreich/CSUI initiated the remake of Heinz von Förster's Sun Shower. From a loudspeaker you can hear Dirk Baecker talking about his memory of that moment when he stood with Heinz von Förster in his garden and got to know the sun shower. In 2021, the remake once again emphasizes Förster's wish, namely that he, cyberneticist, magician and scientist, wanted to have this analog feel-good apparatus, which directly serves the human body, posthumously described as his most important invention.

(Many thanks to: Marianne Ertl, Heinz von Förster Archiv, Dirk Baecker, Nicolaj Kirisits, Katharina Gsöllpointner, Mathias Lenz, Georg Schütz, Peter Linhart, Verein Symposion Lindabrunn)

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Marianne Ertl, Heinz von Förster Archiv und Dirk Baecker


© Heinz von Förster Archiv am Institut f.Zeitgeschichte d. Univ. Wien/Albert Müller,  © CSUI/Kathrin Stumreich, © Nicolai Gütermann

Marianne Ertl, works at the Institute for Contemporary History, University of Vienna. Heinz von Foerster (* 1911, Vienna – † , 2002, Pescadero, California) was an Austrian American scientist combining physics and philosophy, and widely attributed as the originator of Second-order cybernetics. Dirk Baecker (* 1955 in Karlsruhe) is a German sociologist and holder of the chair for cultural theory and management at the University of Witten / Herdecke.