Reflection Flock

Installation of 17 circular convex mirrors in loose layout as in a flock of sheep on a hillside in the sculpture park of Lindabrunn. The fish-eye-optics of the mirror image differentiate from any view point, mainly consisting of small snippets of the sky within the grass area of the landscape. The Installation is also an aesthetic allusion to solar systems, which use mirrors like compound parabolic concentrators and heliostats, but mainly the installation “Reflection Flock” aims to visualize an autonomous, variable process of thought via reflection in the landscape.

© Anna Mitterer

Anna Mitterer, born in Innsbruck, is a visual artist, based in Vienna. From 1994 she lived with her family in Cork Ireland. She has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Her artistic work consists of video and short film, installation, photography and drawing. A recurring motif in her work is time, memory and the perception of it.