Solada - stone sculpture, (Stone, gold. 2021)

Since the dawn of mankind, stones have told us the cycle of the years, the time of the summer and winter solstices, the gnomon gives the zenith like the nadir, solar like lunar Sundials don't just tell the current time, they work in eons. The Adaism of sculpture emulates the form of social function through art.

©Arsene Vukov, Photocredit top row left ©Arsene Vukov, Photos (except top row left) ©CSUI

Arsen Vukov born in 1969 - is an ephemeral sculptor. In 1989 he started Landart and created ephemeral sculptures in the landscape, something that he later extended to the familiar social environment. Most recently, he devoted himself increasingly to the domestic sector and created designs for the interior.