CSUI is  an independent research and educational organization dedicated to the exploration, investigation, understanding and dissemination of solar interpretations. Founded by Kathrin Stumreich, CSUI manifests as an online platform, collecting projects and themes that address transformations of the sun artistically, scientifically, and experimentally. This knowledge is archived, networked, and presented annually in a mutating art-based public event format and print medium. The term "use" , the human intrinsic property of permanently generating utility will repeatedly emerge within these contexts. As a platform, it is important for CSUI to open the space for discourses that are located outside the academic framework, and to anchor those interpretations that are considered unscientific in the sense of a transdisciplinary, transcultural knowledge transfer. Essential is the work on strategies to address a broader group of people and to break the formats "by artists for artists" or "scientists for scientists". CSUI aims to accumulate heterogeneous, well-founded knowledge on the topic of solar and to locate and disseminate it globally. CSUI appeals to individuals working as civilians within its scope of action, as well as non-commercially aligned groups working on solar interpretations. CSUI is financed by subsidies and voluntary work, and is registered as an association.