Biophotons - the glimmer of life

Biophotons - the glimmer of life

Not only fireflies, but also humans and all living organisms glow. Every cell absorbs natural light and emits ultrasubtle light (biophotons). In this way, whole organisms communicate with each other at the speed of light. The cell light is even and calm, but also alive, as if it "breathes", "like waving leaves in the wind." (F. Popp). If cellular radiation is a measure of vitality, what would it mean for our health and that of the world if we consciously "harvested" sunlight?

Following the impulse lecture there will be a practical exercise; an introduction to light meditation.


Luisa Paumann


Luisa Paumann studied architecture at the Vienna University of Technology; study visits to Paris and New York. Dissertation at the Academy of Fine Arts (Vienna) and Sorbonne (Paris). She is currently working as a writer and architect in Antwerp and Vienna. Education as Mental trainer, as well as meditation and mindfulness teacher (Wifi Vienna) with focus on somatic meditation and meditation of the spiritual heart (Hridaya Yoga, Mexico).